The BMLT is a complete Web-based tool that can manage thousands of meetings, with dozens of Service bodies, from one server; yet allow each Service body to have its own implementation and expression of the meeting data. It is already in use by over 1,140 NA Service bodies around the world managing over 76,000 meetings.


Bread (BMLT Meeting List Generator) is a complete Web-based tool that synchronizes with any BMLT Server to create, maintain and generate an accurate PDF meeting list on demand. Members, future members, trusted servants, treatment centers, hospitals and institutions will have instant access to your meeting list anytime, anywhere.


Your meeting list is automatically updated when a meeting is changed in BMLT. There is no need for anyone to manually update the meeting list. It is accurate 24/7.


Your meeting list is located on the Web. Not on someone’s computer. When rotating service, simply give the next trusted servant the meeting list login credentials.


The meeting list can be generated by anyone from anywhere on the web. The “Current Meeting List Link” can be shared allowing anyone to print a meeting list anytime.

Page Layouts

Bread (Meeting List Generator) allows you to create a variety of meeting list layouts with custom columns and orientation. Supports international paper sizes and time formats.

Custom Editors

Create you own front page or custom sections to include helpines, service committess or anyting you want on your meeting list.

Meeting Template

Customize the way your meetings are printed.  Starter templates are included.  Add any field from BMLT to the meeting template.

BMLT Server

Get meetings from any BMLT server. Add up to five service bodies (areas or regions) to your meeting list. Share the “Current Meeting List Link” to generate your meeting list.

Three Column

3 Column

Four Column

1/2 Page

Full Page

Flyer Size

Full Page – Letter