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If anyone has this problem and you are using a tether app for your cell phone here is the answer. If you decide not to pay the fee for USB/WiFi/BlueTooth tethering you have to get an app like PDANet+. However, if you are getting the upsell page (T-Mobile and MetroPCS) whenever you try to use the app you will be tempted to use the function that hides the tether usage from the phone company. The downside to this is that to accomplish this it strips out certain data associated with using a desktop browser. All is well unless you are connecting to a website that queries your browser and expects an answer about your configuration.

So that’s why I got this problem as this website queries your browser. The fix is to get an app called User-Agent Switcher (Chrome) as it essentially spoofs the cell phone into thinking that your desktop browser is in fact an Android Chrome (lots of options for just about any phone) browser. If you use an app like this you can then turn off the PDANet type app that hides the tether usage. 🙂