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I cloned the East Central Florida Area by day meeting list into a sample.

You have access to that meeting list found under the samples tab.

It is possible for groups (or anyone) to have their own meeting list. All they need to do is fill out the “Get a Meeting List” form and create an account on the website. Eventually I will be merging these two steps into one form.

There are a few issues with running more than one meeting list on a home box.

You would need to install WordPress multi-site and create a site for each meeting list.

Then you would install the Meeting List Generator plugin on each site.

This is the recommended solution for Regions that wish to provide meeting lists for their Areas.

The multi-site I am using for is significantly customized from the WordPress multi-site defaults. However, the defaults should functionally work. Keep in mind that it won’t look or act like anything close to this site.

I do have plans in a future version of the plugin to provide the capability to have multiple meeting lists on one WordPress installation (using post types). That probably won’t happen for months.

I have said this repeatedly. But, I do believe the plugin will be released this week.

Looking forward to your continued contributions to this effort!