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Hi Walter,

Thanks for reporting this anomaly (i.e. bug) and sorry you had to spin your wheels before I could address this.

Anyway, as you suspected the State value (California) from BMLT was being inserted into the street address.

This was happening because the string “state” is a meeting template field or placeholder which gets replaced with the BMLT database value for the actual State.

So in your case the string “state” occurred in the street address (10040 Estates Drive) resulting in 10040 ECalifornias Drive.

I changed the code logic to ensure the street address gets replaced before the state and this fixes your issue.

I was going to implement a different structure for the template fields i.e. [state] vs. state which would ensure weird things like this wouldn’t happen. Must have had a “senior” moment and never did that.

This was the first time this type of anomaly has occurred since the plugin went live 18 months ago.

Since the failure rate is so low, I’m inclined to leave things be for now with a watchful eye.