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Hi Curt,

The reason the meeting list generator is so fast on the meeting list generator site is that we are on a VPS with SSD drives. Most shared hosts do not have this kind of performance.

There are a few things you can consider to speed up the meeting list generation.

1. Turn on the cache in the meeting list generator plugin setup. While this will display stale data for the duration of the cache, it will give you a performance boost.

2. I noticed your site is using LiteSpeed. You can try this plugin which leverages a LiteSpeed server.

3. Over time, most shared hosts have a tendency to degrade because they oversell the servers. The Orlando Area just complained to the hosting company and they moved us to a newer server. The speed is at least 50% faster. It’s one of those “squeaky wheel gets the grease” things.

PS. For anyone that may have tried to reach me in the past week or so, I am attending an intense three week training program in Florida. I am now getting caught up on emails and hope to get back with everyone in the next few days.