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      == Changelog ==
      = 1.1.4
      * Fix: Changed $mirrormargins to false. Was causing duplex printing issues in Acrobat.
      * Thank you to Michael (Eastern PA Region) for help resolving this issue.

      = 1.1.3
      * Fix: Suffix field was not saving properly.

      = 1.1.2
      * Added: Optional suffix field when Borough and/or County group sort is selected.
      * Fix: Sort Borough + County group.
      * Fix: Filter/remove erroneous comma at beginning of line in meeting template.

      = 1.1.1 =
      * Added: BMLT neighborhood location field to meeting template.

      = 1.1 =
      * New: Option to encrypt and set PDF document permissions for the PDF file with password protection.
      * Fix: Filenaming convention when saving PDF from browser.

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