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      Just updated to 6.0.14 of the Tabbed UI. It erased the default root server information and will not let us save the root server address. We put it in and hit save then the box is empty and error says “Connection to Root Server Failed. Check spelling or try again. If you are certain spelling is correct, Root Server could be down.”

      Work around for now is on the pages displaying Tabbed UI Meeting List info, add the “root_server=” to the shortcode… like this [bmlt_tabs service_body="2" root_server="http://<your-server-location>"]

      hope that helps if anyone else experiences this… not sure if it is our site bug or plugin bug as of now.

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      This is what we use:

      [bmlt_tabs root_server= service_body="33,37" has_cities='1' has_groups='1' has_locations='0' has_zip_codes='0' has_formats='1']

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