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      Thank you again for all that you have done. I’ve been working with our Areas Reps to update the BMLT directly and gave them links to print their Area Schedules from

      Now both the Regional Schedule and Area schedules agree and are being updated by each area. It’s a Win-Win.

      The last meeting list I need to create is a Regional booklet that can be printed locally on 8.5×11. It will differ from the 11×17 list that we send out for printing.

      Is this something that I can do from the Dashboard? Am I missing it?
      If not, can you create one more list for us please.

      In Service,


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      I’m happy to hear the San Diego Imperial Region and Areas are reaping the benefits of the meeting list generator and BMLT as a whole. This is an ideal example for using the tool as it was intended.

      Currently, there is not a way for someone to create a meeting list on I do envision that eventually it will be possible.

      For now, I created the booklet meeting list you requested. You can use your existing credentials to manage it.

      Here is the current meeting list link.

      There was a new feature added where the weekday headers can be in English, Spanish or both. I went ahead and turned it on in the booklet meeting list and the other regional meeting list. It can easily be switched on or off in the meeting list generator admin.


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      Jack, how about letting service bodies who already have lists be able to create more?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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