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    I have a friend (John A.) here that can’t get the PDF output (live or when I make a hard copy) to print right on his Brother printer when trying to use duplex (two-sided) printing where it flips the paper. What happens is that one side is upside down and other things are being changed as well IIRC.

    I can get it to work properly on his printer by disabling the dual sided printing option and printing each side the old fashioned way. On the flip side he says this is the only problem he has had with doing multi-page documents since buying this printer. Anyone else had this problem before?

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    I’ve experienced the same issue with my brother printer at home. I have not tried it with other printers.

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    I have an older Brother MFC-490CW with a continuous inking system so I’m not to keen on upgrading my printer while this one still prints out thousands of pages on $20 of ink. However, I have to print one side at a time. This does seem to be a common issue with these dual sided printers: Dual side printing issues

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    I don’t have another type of printer to test it with at home for smaller jobs. We send out our major print jobs to a commercial printer, so they fix it before printing.

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    Select short edge binding.

    This is usually not available in the browser print dialog.

    You may need to print using system (or printer) dialog.

    I don’t have acrobat installed, but there should be a short edge selection in there as well.

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    You should as the place where you got your printer, they have more knowledgeable of that. Their printer expert technician will surely explain every issues of that. In any case you want a duplex type of printing for brochure and flyers in digital format print, I suggest that yo consider this one

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