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      What’s the possibility of making a more secure PDF meeting list that can’t be easily modified by unauthorized people? Someone has been downloading our meeting lists, making changes in Word, reprinting, and leaving our areas name on it. :-/

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      I can’t answer as a end-user, but i know their is possibility to make a secure pdf by modifying the source of the plugin. See

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      If your Area’s bootleg meeting list is missing ONE particular group, you appear to have a reasonably good inkling of the culprit…
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      i personally would like to use the download links as replacements for the two links on the Space Coast meeting list page…when (IF?) we get to that place. (Right now, IF is one possibility because politics might divert us a bit from both our primary purpose and progress. {{{sigh}}}

      {{{hugs}}}, jim

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      Thanks Claude!

      Jim: It appears that some of the meeting times weren’t correct, the new meeting was missing, meeting data was changed, formatting changes were done, and they changed the title of our meeting list. I was hoping to just stop the ability of someone from opening up the file in Word so I don’t have to report it at the next ASC. Now I can see why the World Board minutes have similar protections in them. 😉

      Politics: I actually approached a SCA Trusted Servant a few months ago and offered to make a new meeting list for them. They suggested I shelve the idea due to the politic fever going around. Addicts hate change and especially anything coming from the “other area.” 😉

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      Thanks for that link Claude and the suggestion Janice.

      It should be fairly simple to add a few fields to enable protection and set a password.

      This would configurable per meeting list.

      Would anyone like to second this? Or any other feedback?

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      I’ll second it. 😉 The persons in question got taken to task last night and I’m hoping it won’t happen again, but I’m guessing someone else who thinks they have a better idea will do it again. So if it’s easy it would be a good deal to me. Essentially I would like it so they can download it and print it as that’s what it is there for. 🙂

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