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      Good Morning,

      I am running 3 versions of the BMLT (Tabbed, Sat, and List) on the sierrasage site. Partly because we like options and also it will allow us to get a feel which one is utilized more by our members. We maintain and link the meeting list generator as it simply makes sense. Much of our region is out of phone service so it gives our members the ability to download as pdf and also we send it to the printer for schedules. Things were fine for the first several months but now this issue. Truckee/North Lake Tahoe meetings are correct in the server interface and in the Tabbed UI, however, they are not translating correctly onto the schedule though. Address should be Estates Drive in Truckee and it is coming onto the schedule as E California Drive? Anyone have feedback or experience with this issue and a possible fix? Thanks.

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      Hi Chris,

      Okay. So it was the weirdest thing. No matter what address I put on the address line in the server, resetting gps, refreshing the print service. It would still print CA in the middle of the address on the schedule. Again, it looked find in the other two interfaces. It seems like an isolated occurrence but only for that location (4 meetings in total).

      *The temporary fix. Delete out all instances of that meeting, re-enter, set gps to real address info, then cut and paste the address up onto one of the preceding two lines (I used location line). Saved, duplicated meeting making changes where needed, saved, exit out of server, back into WP, cleared caches and saved changes (to clear cache) in print service. Everything works and looks perfectly, location service is on point because of first steps, and schedule is accurate.

      interesting enough, the moment I was done with this there was an update available for the pdf spooler. Ha, I wonder if it was directly related to this issue? Still, it works, done meddling.

      Walt S.

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      Hi Walter,

      Thanks for reporting this anomaly (i.e. bug) and sorry you had to spin your wheels before I could address this.

      Anyway, as you suspected the State value (California) from BMLT was being inserted into the street address.

      This was happening because the string “state” is a meeting template field or placeholder which gets replaced with the BMLT database value for the actual State.

      So in your case the string “state” occurred in the street address (10040 Estates Drive) resulting in 10040 ECalifornias Drive.

      I changed the code logic to ensure the street address gets replaced before the state and this fixes your issue.

      I was going to implement a different structure for the template fields i.e. [state] vs. state which would ensure weird things like this wouldn’t happen. Must have had a “senior” moment and never did that.

      This was the first time this type of anomaly has occurred since the plugin went live 18 months ago.

      Since the failure rate is so low, I’m inclined to leave things be for now with a watchful eye.


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