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      I’m on the Australian Regional IT Subcommittee and we would really like to set up some printed list links on your site as we are not running WP in mulitsite (yet) and we need printed meetings lists for our Region and Areas within our region.

      I’ve emailed contact twice using your form but I haven’t received a response and its been a couple of weeks now.

      I’d really appreciate it if you could make contact and we could get the ball rolling…

      Yours in service
      Bruce G.

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      Do you have a BMLT Server setup? It’s not hard to make a multisite to hold the different meetings. I know you can send the url in the bmlt_tabbed and have different schedules/list. I know jack had been real busy and I hadn’t heard from him either. I may be able to help you out. Email me at and we can discuss.

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      Thanks Steve I’ve replied to your email.

      I’ve set up a multi-site on my own development server to learn how it all works.
      I was hoping to set up some lists on this page in the interim period.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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