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      Can you make me another meeting list Jack? Please place it in the samples section and you can use any of our other meeting lists for the framework. We just need to have a sandbox to play around in. Is there anyway to get an application to run these meeting lists on my home box?

      Is it possible for Groups to have their own meeting list here? Just getting some ducks in order for the ASC meeting on September 12th, 2015.

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      I cloned the East Central Florida Area by day meeting list into a sample.

      You have access to that meeting list found under the samples tab.

      It is possible for groups (or anyone) to have their own meeting list. All they need to do is fill out the “Get a Meeting List” form and create an account on the website. Eventually I will be merging these two steps into one form.

      There are a few issues with running more than one meeting list on a home box.

      You would need to install WordPress multi-site and create a site for each meeting list.

      Then you would install the Meeting List Generator plugin on each site.

      This is the recommended solution for Regions that wish to provide meeting lists for their Areas.

      The multi-site I am using for is significantly customized from the WordPress multi-site defaults. However, the defaults should functionally work. Keep in mind that it won’t look or act like anything close to this site.

      I do have plans in a future version of the plugin to provide the capability to have multiple meeting lists on one WordPress installation (using post types). That probably won’t happen for months.

      I have said this repeatedly. But, I do believe the plugin will be released this week.

      Looking forward to your continued contributions to this effort!


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      I left out another option for running more than one meeting list.

      You can create sub-domains. Install WordPress on each sub-domain. Then install the plugin on each WordPress installation.

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      Actually what I was thinking about was running the sandbox at home on my local box. That way I could see what I was doing and just copy and paste the code into the live lists on nameetinglist. By the way, I finally figured out the time code box and how to make it bigger and smaller after I saw the code you wrote. 🙂

      When I get done with all the heavy tech lifting with the ECFA I will see about making you a manual for using this site.

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      I need to start “letting go” a little. Here is the plugin for you to play with in your sandbox.

      Please let me know how it goes.

      Having a manual (or better online help) is the thing that has been holding me back from releasing this beast to the public. Nevertheless, I’ll probably be submitting it to WordPress in the next few days.

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