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      The BMLT Meeting List Generator is a complete web-based tool which provides the capability to create, edit and generate a current meeting list. This tool can be installed on your existing or new WordPress website or you can use it here on this website ( The Meeting List Generator works hand in hand with the Basic Meeting List Toolbox (BMLT). BMLT is being used world-wide, managing over 11,000 meetings. If your Service Body is not using BMLT, visit the BMLT Website to find out how you can get it.

      Basic Features

      • Provides a complete customized meeting list editor on the web
      • Generates and prints a current meeting list from the web in PDF format
      • Eliminates the tedious task of maintaining a meeting list in MS Word, Excel, etc.
      • Eliminates the need to upload a new meeting list to the website every month
      • Makes the transition to a new trusted servant much easier
      • The generated meeting list will match your website meeting list
        Note: Your website must be running BMLT Satellite or BMLT Tabs plugin
      • The meeting list is setup one time and does not need to be edited when meetings change
      • The meeting list can be backed up or exported then imported into another site
      • Has its very own “current meeting list” link, which can be shared across the web

      Example Current Meeting Lists

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