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      The screen on both a monitor and smartphone looks good with the ASM. 🙂

      Went to print out the meeting lists for the ASC meeting next Saturday and the “comments” aren’t printing.

      I can fix this by moving the “comments” elsewhere as a temporary fix.

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      The comments were left out of the BMLT meeting list generator plugin for area service meetings intentionally. At the time there was not a need for it since the areas currently using it were not using the comments field.

      The roadmap for this was to create a template for the service meetings similar to the meetings template. That way you can configure the output of the service meetings to your needs.

      There is a new version of the BMLT Meeting List plugin coming out this weekend. I’ll look at adding an option to add the comments field or implementing a service meeting template (if possible).

Viewing 1 reply thread
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