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      am i not using this correctly or is it a bug? i added the service meeting tag from the short code list and added my areas service meetings into the bmlt root server, which shows up in the bmlt tabbed version on our website. however for the meeting list the tag just shows instead of displaying the area service meetings. thanks for all you do jack.

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      I’m not sure what you mean. I see your meeting list at the above link. 🙂

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      The [service_meeting] shortcode was not enabled for the front or last page. This has been fixed.

      Thank you Kevin for reporting this.


      There is a BMLT meeting format code called ASM (Area Service Meeting).

      This code is implemented on the Florida Region BMLT server.

      The purpose of this code is for Areas that would like to add their service meetings to BMLT.

      These service meetings can be included on the meeting list by using the [service_meeting] shortcode.

      These service meetings are also displayed when using the BMLT Tabs plugin.

      This shortcode can be found in the Meeting List Shortcode dropdown in the editors.

      Each service meeting needs to be assigned the ASM format code in BMLT.

      The following Areas (that I know of) are using the ASM format code.

      Click on the Sunday tab to see examples of how they implemented it.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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