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    Here in the East Central Florida Area we are using the BMLT to keep track of our service meetings and using it for populating our meeting lists as well as our website. We are also in the process of helping the Space Coast Area in getting up a WP site as well. Our service meetings come up on their website and when they get around to putting their service meetings on the BMLT they will come up on our website as well which is okay.

    What we see as a problem is with their service meetings showing up on our meeting list and vice-versa. Any solutions here so we can exclude the other area service meetings from appearing on the meeting list and possibly the web?

    At the Florida Service Symposium last weekend I discussed this issue and was told their is a way to fix this by renaming the ASM designation to something like “Area initials-ASM” and then making it so it only picks up from the Area it belongs to. Ideas? Suggestions?

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    Hey Janice, I’m the one last week at the Symposium who suggested that. Give a day or so to try it out on my test server and reply back here.

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    Thanks Steve!

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    Hey Janice, I haven’t forgot about this. I have found where I need to modify but now I need the time to do it. Do you list both area’s meetings on the list?

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    We have both areas recovery meetings on our meeting list. We don’t want their service meetings on our meeting list and I assume vice-versa. 😉

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    This issue got fixed in update: 1.3.4

    Change: Output area service meetings (ASM) from Service Body 1 only.
    Note: A future release will allow mix and match of Service Bodies 1-5 to output ASM meetings. Useful for regional meeting lists.

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    Can you expand on the short codes to use for this. I’m trying to incorporate the service meetings for the regional guide and well as the 9 local area guides. In the regional guide I would like to group the service meetings by area, and the local guides I would like to only list the service meetings for that area.

    I plan to do this for both the website and the printed guides

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    There is a bit of a hack that you use with the bmlt tabbed plugin. Email me at danny.gershman at gmail dot com

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