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      Joe B

      My name is Joe B. I am currently the Chair for the MN Region service body. We ran into a dilemma where a member who were managing and publishing our meeting list decided to quit and take all the information on the process with him. Needless to say, we are in need of this service.
      The member who manages our website and also serves on the Region “Spence” and I have read a bit about this service and even found a sample list for the Twin Cities Area on here, Unfortunately when we tried to go any further, edit etc. It says we do not have permission. We have registered now and have uploaded a link for one of our Area meeting list. We are waiting for a response. This Area meeting list has not been published since August and we are using out dated info. We really need to get set up so addicts can find meetings that are current. Can someone reach out to us and help us get the ball rolling?

      In loving service,

      Joe B 6123061475

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      Hey Joe,

      It looks like your schedule it automatically generated from your own instance. Am I missing something?

      –Danny G

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