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      I got an email from Chris M about having to move to an SSL certified server.

      My question is there any special considerations for the BMLT and the Meeting List Generator to be concerned about?

      We are on a 1and1 account and it’s a “push the button” to add the SSL.

      Shall I push the button? I am not strong on the server side of websites.

      Erik R

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      Greetings Chris 🙂

      Why would we need to have a SSL for our Area website or is this only for root servers?

      We currently have 5 websites: 4 WP and 1 Joomla. The WP sites have a Tabbed UI and a meeting list plugin on one and the other one only has a meeting list plugin. We are going to be putting a SSL certificate on our WooCommerce store in about 5 weeks. If we need the SSL on all the BMLT domains then I guess we would have to go with a wildcat certificate. :-/

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      Greetings Chris!

      Apple sucks. Last Apple I had was a II back in the 80’s, but then they did all kinds of things. My Atari 800 was better though! ????

      So having SSL improves your SEO? Do you have any recommendations for a free SSL? Wildcat (wildcard?) certs are outrageous! We can get a cert applied to our store for $40 a year through our web hosting company.

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