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      Hi All,

      Wanted to take a moment to share what has been happening with me. Especially for the benefit of anyone that tried to reach me over the past 4 months.

      In mid-February I had a massive heart attack. Had it not been for a good friend being present it may have had a different outcode. The short version is I was treated immediately with 4 stents and a week in the hospital.

      I spent the next few months focusing on cardio rehap, life style changes and pretty much nothing else. When the doctor gave me the OK I went back to work which consists of traveling across the country (spring is my busy months where I make most of my income).

      The good news is the doctor says my health is excellent and I feel great (and grateful). The even better news is that I have retired from my business that includes extensive travel and have relocated to Virginia Beach. I love this place and NA is strong here.

      As things get more stable with my time I will be starting where I left off with continuing to develop the BMLT Meeting List Generator and BMLT Tabs plugins.

      I’m so grateful and happy that there are people and service bodies out there benefiting from this tool and website. Of course, it goes without saying, I could not of ever done any of this if it weren’t for the tireless, selfless and skillful efforts of Chris M the author of BMLT. Thanks Chris.

      Jack S.

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      Glad to hear your health is improving! We wish you continued good health.

      Welcome to the Autonomy Zonal Forum!

      I would love to reconnect, when you have some time please shoot me an email.

      Michael J
      EPARNA Web / Meeting List Servant

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