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      The current meeting list url structure has been changed.

      Old structure = /current-meeting-list.php

      New structure = /?current-meeting-list=1

      Sites that have current meeting lists pointed to should change the current meeting list link to the new structure ASAP.

      Currently there is backward compatibility to the old structure, to ensure meeting lists keep working.

      This change was due to some restrictions placed on the plugin by WordPress during the approval process to get the plugin published on the WordPress repository.

      The change actually opened up a door to some possible awesomeness for this plugin.

      In a future release I plan to incorporate the ability to append queries to the url to generate user defined generic meeting lists. For example:




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      Any chance on having such capabilities to bring back the meeting list in another language? That would be awesome. 🙂

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      The language (localization) for meetings are handled on the server side.

      Here is a BMLT server that is localized in French.

      I heard rumors that Chris (author of the BMLT server) may be looking at a spanish localization.

      He can be contacted here.

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